Hello Cruel World

To date I have resisted blogging because I thought no one would want to hear or read what I had to say. But recently I realized how foolish and selfish that was. Although I still consider myself a very incomplete person, I have been through a few fires and gained wisdom that could benefit others or at the very least let them know they’re not alone. So starting today I shall bare my scars so that you may know me and therein possibly yourself. 

I aspire to and know that I am destined for far greater things those in which I currently partake. I also realize that in order to grasp hold of that for which I am destined I must explore then share, my soul, the depths of which I myself do not yet know. I invite you to accompany me on my journey because I’m pretty sure there are going to be scary parts and I might need a hand to hold. I apologize in advance for my attitude, my irreverence and my sarcasm but I came by all of them honestly and they have served me well. I hope that we become friends. I could really use a few good ones.

Along the way I may digress on current events, pet peeves or other topics so I ask in advance that you indulge me in my folly, listen to my rants and talk back to me. The older I get the more my mind wanders but I promise to make an effort to share, inform and entertain.

In my next post I’ll begin to talk about how my jacked up childhood prepared me to, at a young age, marry a man with multiple issues and spend the next 22 years wondering what the hell happened. Later I’ll tell you how I fought my way out, took my kids with me causing minimal damage to their collective psyche, how today I know for sure that I am a butterfly, in my chrysalis, ready and waiting to fly.